Apr 8, 2010

Busy, busy!

The Turner's are still alive and kickin! With Spring Break and the nicer weather, we have been busy! Addy started kickball and had her first game tonight. Little Flower won 25-8! She scored 3 runs and got out once. It was a blast to watch! She is still training for gymnastics 3 nights a week. Both of the boys are signed up for baseball. We took them to Dick's to get them outfitted. They are so cute! This really seems to be Chase's sport so I am excited for the season to start!
Easter was unusual this year for us, but we made some memories! The weather forecast looked great, and we were both off all weekend...so we decided to go camping. The only place I could find available was in good ole Brown County. We got down there early on Friday and set up. The kids are just at the best age to take camping. The boys played with sticks and looked for bottle caps the entire trip. Addy is getting older. She curled up and read almost 3 books in 2 days! Easter morning the kids woke up in our tent and were excited to see that the Easter bunny had been there. They were even more excited when Chase climbed out of the tent and discovered that there were eggs hidden all around the campsite! We went with our friends Jenalee and Bryce. We could not have better friends! Lots of laughing and eating! I have to admit, I can't wait for them to have their first baby this fall...lots of paybacks in store!
No real news on the basement. Steve hooked up all the electrical downstairs and has decided to rewire the upstairs too. Anyone that has done any remodeling knows what it's like! Behind on the schedule and the budget!!
I am about 25 weeks now and feeling pretty good. He is moving around a bunch now, and I just love it! I mentioned the name Sawyer to the family and everyone seemed to like it. So far it has stuck and they refuse to listen to any other options....so Sawyer is doing good!

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